Policy for Protection of Personal Data For Candidate Employees

This policy describes the principles for processing the personal data required to be known and complied by the candidate employees of EAE Elektroteknik San. ve Tic. A.Ş’nin (“EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK”).
1. Definitions
The following terms and expressions used herein shall have the following meanings;
Related person/real entity: Personal data owner,
Recording medium: Refers to all sorts of mediums hosting personal data processed by entirely or partially automatic or non-automatic means provided to be part of any data recording system,
Website: Refers to the website located on https://www.eaeelektroteknik.com,
Data Processor: Refers to the real or legal entity processing the personal data on behalf of the data supervisor based on the authorization granted,
Data Supervisor: Refers to the real or legal entity determining the objectives and instruments of personal data processing and responsible for the installation and management of data recording system,
Law Nr. 6698/KVKK (Law on Protection of Personal Data): Refers to the Law on Protection of Personal Data.
2. Processing the Personal Data of the Candidate Employees
This section refers to the regulations related to the processing the personal data of the candidates in the recruitment process.
3. Personal Data Collected and Processed in Recruitment Process
EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK may process or entire information and data indicated in the section titled “Categorization of Personal Data” of this policy based on the qualification and characteristics of the application filed. EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK, further collect and process the following information and data of the candidates filing job application:
• Name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number and other contact information,
• CV-Resume information, cover letter or the relevant professional experience or other experiences, educational status, foreign language proficiency and test results, if any and supporting or descriptive documentation related to the job application,
• Records of information and data acquired during the interview, in case of performance of face-to-face interview or interviews by instruments such as video conferencing and phone calls,
• Information and data acquired as a result of verifications performed for confirming the accuracy and authenticity of the references received from the previous employers or information and data communicated by the candidates or information and data acquired as a result of the inquiries done by EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK,
• Results of the recruitments tests identifying the skills and personality traits and inventories thereof.
4. Objectives of Collection and Processing of Personal Data of Candidates
EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK may process the data of the candidates based on more or more following objectives and by taking into account the qualification of the application:
• Assessment of the qualification, experience, interests and compliance of the candidate for the vacant position,
• If required, verifying the accuracy and authenticity of the information and data communicated by the candidate or performing reference inquiry on the candidate by contacting third parties,
• Establishing contact with the candidate regarding the application and recruitment process or if appropriate, establishing contact with the candidate afterwards for any domestic or overseas vacant position,
• Fulfilling the requirements of any regulation or requests of competent and authorized institution or organization,
• Developing and improving the recruitment principles applied by EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK.
5. Methods of Collection and Processing of Personal Data of Candidates
The personal data of the candidates within the recruitment process can be collected by other methods and means specified in this policy or additionally, by the following method and means:
• Printed job application form,
• CV-Resume information of the candidate employee communicated by the EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK employees,
CV-Resumes delivered to EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK by the candidates by methods such as e-mail, website, reference or alike,
• from employment, job search or consultancy Corporations and websites such as LinkedIn, Kariyer.net, etc.,
• during the interview, in case of face-to-face interview or interviews by instruments such as video conferencing and phone calls,
• reference verifications,
• recruitment tests and inventories thereof performed by experienced specialists with the results reviewed identifying the skills and personality traits,
EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK processes the personal data collected by means of information systems and human resources personnel through automated or non-automated means.
6. Performance of Reference Inquiry for the Candidates
EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK is entitled to perform reference inquiries related to the candidates. The reference inquiry to be conducted shall seek the purpose of verification and confirmation of the accuracy and authentication of the information and data provided by the candidate in general terms. Furthermore, identification and determination of certain information not disclosed by the candidate about themselves and that may result in certain risks in terms of EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK shall be among the objectives of the inquiry to be performed.
The required information such as identification particulars, professional and educational background of the candidates can be disclosed to the third parties within the scope of the reference inquiry to be conducted. Furthermore, personal data related to the candidates can be acquired from the third parties.
No references outside of the candidate’s knowledge are acquired from the previous enterprise employing the candidate.
The candidates are, at all times, entitled to contact EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK regarding the reference inquiry to be conducted related to themselves.
7. Rights of the Candidates Related to their Personal Data
The candidates, willing to exercise their rights within the scope of KVKK (Law on Protection of Personal Data) are entitled to apply to EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK within the scope of the principles and procedures contemplated in this policy.
8. The Personal Data Among the Ones Collected During the Candidacy Process Continued to be Processed In Case of Recruitment
The entire personal data of the candidate collected and processed throughout the recruitment process shall be transferred to the personal file in case of deciding on the employment of the candidate in the vacant position.
9. Retention Period of the Personal Data of the Candidates
EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK deletes the personal data of the candidate employees stored on electronic environment that have not been qualified for the recruitment and destroys the hardcopies containing the personal data. The personal data of the candidates requested to be retained and stored for further assessments due to absence of an appropriate position shall be retained and stored for a period of 3 years. Upon the expiry of this period, your personal data shall be deleted/destructed.
10. Security, Transference of the Personal Data and Exercising Your Rights on Your Personal Data
The entire personal data disclosed to us shall be stored as confidential information in accordance with Article 12 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data Nr. 6698 in the database maintained by EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK and shall not be disclosed to the third parties for commercial purposes. Your personal data can be disclosed to EAR Group corporations for assessment purposes related with the job positions.
EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK takes the following precautions and measures in minimum to ensure the security of the personal data, prevention of illegal access and illegal data processing:
• The entire pages on where the personal data is acquired on the website are secured by SSL certificate.
• Hash, encryption, process logs, access management and physical security measures are taken for the purpose of ensuring the protection of information systems hosting personal data against unauthorized access and illegal data processing.
• The network hosting the entire systems containing the website and the personal data is protected and secured by the firewall.

The rights you are entitled on your personal data disclosed to us in accordance with Article 11 of the Law Nr. 6698 within the scope of the objectives stated in this Policy for Protection of Personal Data (for Candidate Employees) and the methods for personal data processing are as follows:
a) finding out whether or the personal data is processed,
b) requesting information accordingly in case of personal data processing,
c) finding out the objective for personal data processing and whether it is in compliance with intended use,
ç) being aware of the domestic and overseas third parties to where the personal data is transferred,
d) requesting for correction in case of deficient and inaccurate processing of personal data,
e) requesting for deletion or destruction of personal data within the scope of the requirements set forth in Article 7,
f) requesting notification of third parties to whom the personal data is disclosed regarding the processes performed in accordance with paragraph (d) and (e),
g) filing objection and appealing to an outcome against the person himself by analyzing the personal data exclusively by means of automated systems,
h) claiming for damages in case of any loss incurred due to illegal processing of personal data.
You may, at all times, contact us by using the “Application Form” on https://eaeelektroteknik.com/en/support-contact-us on our website and through the methods specified on this form to exercise your rights specified above.
11. Keeping Your Personal Data Accurate and Up-to-Date
The candidate employees with the personal data we process based on job application hereby agree and state that the accuracy and actual status of their personal data disclosed is of utmost importance and essential for them to exercise their rights entitled on their personal data in terms of Law on Protection of Personal Data and in terms of relevant regulation and therefore shall bear the entire responsibility and liability to be arisen in case of disclosure of inaccurate information. You may perform amendments, changes and/or updates on your personal data disclosed by sending e-mail to elk.kisiselverilerim@eaegroup.com.
12. Deleting, Destroying or Anonymizing Your Personal Data
Your personal data processed for the purposes specified in this Policy on Protection of Personal Data shall be deleted by us when the objective requiring processing is no longer relevant in accordance with Article 7/f.1 if the Law Nr. 6698 and upon the expiry of the statutory periods in accordance with Article 17 of the same Law and Article 138 of Turkish Penal Code.
EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK, upon the expiry of the retention periods imposed by the relevant regulation and required by the objective of processing, may perform the deletion of personal data by practicing one or more techniques that is/are the most appropriate deletion method among the ones stated in “Guideline for Deleting, Destroying or Anonymizing of Personal Data” released by the Personal Data Protection Authority.
13. Categorization of Personal Data
Candidate Employees CV-Resume Information, Identification Data, Contact Data, Professional Career and Development Data, Recruitment Information, Educational Information, Visual and Audio Data

14. Amendments and Updates to be Performed on the Policy
EAE ELEKTROTEKNIK reserves the right to perform amendments or updates on this Policy in accordance with the legal regulations and Corporate Policy. The required information shall be provided to the related parties regarding the text and wording of the new Policy reflecting these entire amendments and updates on the website https://eaeelektroteknik.com/en/policy-for-protection-of-personal-data-for-candidate-employees.