As EAE Elektroteknik A.Ş. while we are contributing to the country with the technological products which aimed to be the first and the best, also with contemporary human resources methods we are aiming;


Improve the skills of employees

Support continuous learning and development of our employees

Every level managers are responsible to train its stuff based on information sharing policy

As EAE Elektroteknik, we believe that the most valuable capital is human resource. So we gave most value to mutual trust and respect, participation, diversity.

Our human recources policy based on;

Our values

Our corporate culture

Ethical Values


Our human resources strategy is to create human recources which are team player, productive, developing continuously, motivated and highly educated and focused on company goals

We reflect our indispensable corporate values in our management style.

We give value to our employees education at every level and support continious learning and invest in people.