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No, you don’t need to be a partner.

The current passing through the conductor creates a magnetic field, which creates a force. This force can cause the copper bar to be removed from its place by breaking the poor quality supports. This can cause fire or explositon.

You can avoid these problems by using the E-Kabin Busbar Supports as described in catalogue. For this catalogue you can click here.

Generally speaking all manufacturers have to design and manufacture their products in accordance with certain standards. A type-tested panel has been proved to be in conformity with this standard or by design verification method.

The IEC 61439-1 / 2 standard defines two different producers, namely original manufacturer and assembly manufacturer. In order to be able to manufacture a true type-tested panel, it is necessary that each party fulfills their responsibilities in accordance with this standard.

PanelMaster is a modular, certified and type-tested low voltage power panel system developed in internationally accepted laboratories adaptable to different applications. For more detailed information, please refer to the PanelMaster General Information brochure.

They are low voltage panel systems which are electro-assembled and licensed by PanelMaster Partners in accordance with the applicable design and application rules. If a PanelMaster Gold indication is present in the brand list, only Partners can bid and apply for the project. For more information, please refer to the PanelMaster Gold brochure.

PanelMaster Partner: These are panel companies that have been entitled to install and sell our products in standard PanelMaster and PanelMaster Gold concept for 1 year by complying to the technical and commercial criteria defined by EAE Elektroteknik.

Companies must fulfill all technical and commercial criteria defined by EAE Elektroteknik in order to become a PanelMaster Partner.

PanelMaster Partners are authorized to operate all of the standard PanelMaster and PanelMaster Gold projects. Panel vendors who have received project-based authorization can make the standard PanelMaster. Project based authorizations have certain criteria and no non-partner or unauthorized project-based firm can implement the PanelMaster application.

This test is intended for low voltage panel systems to operate during seismic vibrations according to the criteria specified in the IEC 60068 seismic test standard. It is very important that in regions where there is an earthquake risk, the low voltage panels in use have been tested and certified according to IEC 60068 standards to ensure the uninterrupted supply of energy in the facilities. For more information, please refer to the “PanelMaster Design Guide” brochure.

It is intended to ensure life and property safety by damping the accumulated current and pressure after the arc in the panel occurs. Any arcs that may occur in the panels threaten the safety of both personnel and equipment. Taking safety precautions against arcs that can occur in low voltage panels is as important as type tests.The high current that generates after the arc that is formed should be dampened by the plates placed on the current path and the resulting pressure must be damped by the arc chute placed at the beginning and end of the panel. Because of this, it is very important for life and property safety that the panels to be used have successfully passed and have been certified in IEC 61641 internal arc test.

This is to ensure that our customers purchase the real PanelMaster type test panel system that are type-tested at the internationally accredited DEKRA laboratories conforming to IEC 61439-1/2 standards manufactured by EAE Elektroteknik A.Ş. by inspecting whether the application is assembled according to the intended design and application rules. For more information, please refer to the “PanelMaster Licensing Guide” brochure.

An organization that designs and authenticates the panels in accordance with the 61439-1/2 standards. In this context EAE Elektroteknik is an original manufacturer.

It is an organization that takes on the responsibility and conducts the electro-assemblage of the panels that have been designed and verified according to the full set of design rules set by the original producer. All companies that conduct electro-assemblage are considered final producers.

It states the usage rights of the PanelMaster brand given to the final producer by EAE Elektroteknik A.Ş. in regard to a specific project. In products that are project specific, it is important that the PanelMaster design and application principles are fulfilled accordingly.

The PanelMaster license badge given the serial number is applied to all appliance cells (excluding cable and busbar cells) in case the specific panel is in conformity. The license badge should be placed in accordance with the template specified in the PanelMaster design and implementation guidelines.

The implementation of the following items in the same order as the control form to serve as a basis for the licensing process.

Control of product documentation: (panel front view drawings – single line drawings)

Product label serial number control: (matching the label and serial number on the panel with the product documentation)

Product photography: (taking pictures of designated points on the panels)

Various measurements: (cross-section, distance and electrical measurements etc.)

Implementation of the control (onsite detection) form