E-Kabin E

E-Kabin E Series distribution enclosures are designed especially for indoor electrical installation applications of shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and etc. Their design allows to use of equipment suitable to be fixed on DIN-rail. They have IP55 level.

Support Profiles

Providing fixing surface for cables and other accessories Support Profiles also increase the strenght of the door

Polyurethane Gasket

Polyurethane Gasket behind the door does not loose its flexibility and adhesiveness with the effects of heat and time. It also provides high protection against dust and water.

Glazed Door Applicable

Optionally, tempered glazed door can be selected.

Handful Lock System

The keys are available to stay on lock system.

Easy planning

Thanks to the standard width 24/36 pieces of 18 mm units width devices can be used on each row.

Deep intermediate space behind the door.

Empty space of 70 mm depth between the door and cover plates allows mounting of measurement devices, rotary switches and etc. on door.

Bidirectional door opening

Door opening direction can be changed if it is needed.

180° Wide Openable Door

The door can be opened 180° wide. Thus full access is provided during installation.

Easy Mounting Bracket

Wall mounting can be easily done with the bracket set.

Application Indoor
Protection class IP 55
Type of mounting wall-mounted, stand alone
Paint epoxy – polyester powder paint
Colour Standart RAL 7035 W
Envoirement Conditions According to EN 60721-3-3 IE32
Standarts IEC 61439-1
IEC 62208
IEC 60529
IEC 62262