PanelMaster is a low-voltage power panel system with type-tests performed in internationally accepted laboratories, developed in such a way that different applications can be applied wtihin the modular structure.

It has been successfully certified by international DEKRA laboratories through all types of tests, as prescribed by IEC 61439-1 / 2 standards up to Form 4B, with the highest technical values that may be needed by enterprises and facilities with 7 different switch brands accepted in international markets.

Our PanelMaster panels have been successfully certified by international DEKRA laboratories with high technical values conforming to IEC 61641 standards for the internal arc tests of which are as important as the type tests in the low voltage panels.

In addition, the PanelMaster has been certified by the international VIRLAB laboratories by successfully passing the seismic tests of the PanelMaster IEC 60068, based on the Richter scale 7 and above, able to withstand earthquakes in light of the studies on the seismic safety of enterprises and facilities.

The PanelMaster is able to meet the requirements of all international markets for which IEC standards are applicable with its wide range of certifications.  

After analyzing the technical infrastructure, personnel competence and commercial competence of the firms to be project-based authorized, a detailed project-based authorization is given to the appropriate companies.

If the employer requests it, EAE Elektroteknik A.Ş. shall carry out project-based detection and licensing for PanelMaster panels on-site.

Standards are being renewed and improved every day in order to increase human quality of life and to ensure safety of life and property. It is important that products, projects and applications are made by competent companies so that any changes made to standards in the field can be put into practice.

The same is true for type-tested low-voltage panel systems.

It is very important to prepare the correct project and specifications, to select the correct product according to the relevant standards and to execute the electro-montage with the right practitioners who are specialized in the job at hand so that low voltage type-tested panel systems can be installed correctly and completely. In order to meet these expectations, we have initiated a PanelMaster partnership system across Turkey, meeting our customers’ needs within the PanelMaster Gold concept.

PanelMaster Gold can only be installed and sold for 1 year by providing the technical and commercial criteria specified by EAE Elektroteknik, while the standard PanelMaster application is being implemented by project based authorized companies.

In the PanelMaster Gold application, on-site detection and licensing should be done for every project regardless of the request of the employer, while the control of the project is carried out by the request of the employer in the standard PanelMaster application.

Panels are licensed with silver color badges in the standard PanelMaster application, while golden color badges are used for licensing in the PanelMaster Gold application.

Mandatory in the PanelMaster Gold applications, on-site detection and licensing based on the request of the employer in Standard PanelMaster applications is a privileged service exclusively implemented by EAE Elektroteknik in our country.   If a PanelMaster license is requested for the panels that are finished with the electro-assemblage, the final manufacturer must apply to the PanelMaster licensing team with the requested information. At the conclusion of the application, the licensing team sets the date for on-site detection and directs the on-site detection team.

The on-site detection team checks whether the documents belonging to the board and these documents match the panel tags. If there is no lack of conformity in the documents, measurements are performed on the panel. After the measurements are made, the photo of each panel cell is taken and the control form is filled in completely.

The control form and photos are reported by the on-site detection team to the licensing team. In case of conforming to the evaluations carried out by the licensing team, the panels will be licensed and the license badge will be sent by the licensing team to the final manufacturer in order to be installed to the panels. Panels without a license badge are considered not licensed as PanelMaster.

Thanks to this organization we are able to get a better understanding of type-test standarts, to meet the conditions specified by the project companies and to make sure that undertakers and investors can purchase fully licensed panel systems in the meaning of type-tests.

This way, our customers are not purchasing a panel with a type-tested appearance; they are guaranteed they are purchasing a design verified, licensed, type-tested panel.