EAE Elektroteknik;

Considers continuous protection of its environment and improvement of conditions as its primary task.
Knows that the international reputation of EAE brand is valued thanks to its employees’ labor and adopts each of its employees as a member of the EAE family.
Continuous rising of product quality according to the necessities of time and ensuring customer satisfaction at maximum level are among its priorities.
Sees information portfolio as respect towards its employees, suppliers and customers and ensures that all information is clean, safe and accessible by managing any kind of risk.

For this reason, it;

Continuously increases environmental performance of all the products it produced during production and aftersales periods and raises awareness of its employees to reduce environmental risks
Executes works required to protect and for recovery of the present natural resources, and to minimize wastes
Always and completely fulfills current legal obligations concerning the Company, and obeys agreements
Remains transparent and open to public in all its applications
Provides all sources which are necessary for its employees to pass their working time in safe environments, to protect their somatic and spiritual health and integrity, and takes all predictable measures
Ensures that its employees actively participate in implementation and continuous improvement of the system by increasing the knowledge levels and awareness of its employees on Integrated Management Systems through continuous trainings
Makes preparations and takes measures to ensure health and safety of its employees in emergency and abnormal cases
Works to continuously rise product quality and to ensure customer satisfaction at maximum level
Works with our suppliers to raise their quality levels
Determines and ensures optimum utilization of resource needs
Fulfills the necessities of the Integrated Management Systems we established and ensures continuous improvement of the same
Evaluates the risks that may threaten information portfolio and taken measures against, and determines the work strategies on this subject
Provides infrastructure and takes measures necessary for the purpose of uninterrupted informatics used in realization of our corporate activities and ensuring access to personal and private data only by authorized persons
Considers corporate data, staff’s personal information, customer data (financial data, information on persons…) as valuable and critical and fulfills all obligations required by all concerned laws within the scope of integrated management systems