KabinPLUS KA In-Rack Cooling Products

KabinPLUS KA In-Rack Cooler products designed for single rack units.

KA coolers are designed for computer rooms (up to 4 racks), small and medium level IT networks, Cloud and IoT Edges and Industry 4.0 IT networks to have high energy eficiency.

The system is a “closed loop” system and not need any raised floor solution.


Close Loop Cooling:

In-Rack cooler has a slim structure design and place to space between  19” profile and side panel. (Rack has to be 800mm wide.) 4 pcs of the cooler can be install in a 42U rack.

The DX cooler unit install into KabinPLUS IP55 racks provides 1,6kW – 6,5kW cooling capacity.  Thanks to outdoor unit, have 50m. piping length at vertical and horizontal line.


Remote Monitoring and Management:

Cooling units can be monitored by web interface. Gives critical information about your system room with different sensor installation.

Rack Cabinet

Heavy Duty IP55 Rack Construction
42/47U 800×1000/1100/1200 mm. dimensions
Professional Cable Management by Plastic Finger Ducts and Cable Trays
Mechanical or Biometrical Access Locking Mechanism – optional
Spring Open Door
Telcordia GR63-CORE-NEBS Zone 4 Conformity – optional
Power Distribution with Basic or Metered PDUs
LED Lighting
RAL 9005 Black as standard colour

Micro DC Cooler

1,6 – 6,5 kW DX and/or 8 kW CW Cooling Capacity
Ultra Slim Design
Fits into a 42U 800×1000 mm. Rack Cabinet
2 Units can be installed simultaneously into the Rack for Redundancy
Equipped with Water Drift Eliminator
EC Fans for Energy Efficiency
Piping Length up to 50 meters – optional

Monitoring & Management

In-Rack Environmental Monitoring with 2 x Temperature
(blowing and return air) and 1 x Humidity (return air) Sensors
Door Access Control for Security – optional
Signal Tower – optional
Water Rope Sensor – optional
Remote Access via SNMP, MODBUS TCP/IP
Online Monitoring & Management via Web Interface