KabinPLUS Data Center Cabinet Solutions:

Even racks have the smallest share in a datacenter project as pricewise, it is very important for housing, cable managing and air flow management. KabinPLUS product family has been designed according t these topics, plus energy efficieny, sustainability, availability and modularity notions. The goal is to provide best price/performance rated solutions.

KabinPLUS Data Center Cabinet Range:

KD Series – KabinPLUS KD Series Datacenter Racks

• %85 perforated doors, 180°/270° openable
• Suitable to high density cabling
• Air flow management
• Suitable to various electrical&biometric locking systems
• High loading capacity

KS Series – KabinPLUS KS Series Seismic Datacenter Racks

Have KD series specs
Telcordia GR-63-Core, NEBS (Zone 4) Seismic certificated

KL Series – KabinPLUS KL Series Co-Location Datacenter Racks

Have KD series specs
1,2,3 and 4 compartment options
Adjustable 19” profiles at every compartment
• Different cabling option

Application Areas:

Co-location houses, Service Provider Data centers, System rooms
Enterprise IT networks
Office IT networks
Cloud and Edge Units
Industry 4.0 IT networks
Multi branch and separate IT networks