Data Center Aisle Containment and Floor Platform Products / KC Cold and Hot Corridor Products

To increase the “Energy Efficiency” and manage the “Physical Security & Access Control” in Data Centers environments, KabinPLUS offers Data Center Aisle&Containment Solutions.

Basic Element – Aluminium Profile

Easy to plan
Metal – Aluminium
Flexible – expandable
Many accessories for different setups

Panel Material – Polycarbonate Panel

Transparent Polycarbonate plates of 4 mm. thickness
Fire-resistant (Class V0 – UL 94) and Halogen-free
Conforms to DIN 4102–1 Class B1 and NF P 92 507
Class M2 Fire Ratings
Twin-wall hollow sheet Polycarbonate of 10 mm. thickness
Steel mesh
Other flat panels like aluminium composite plate with thicknesses of less than 10 mm

Main Structure – The Frame

Standart supply,
H up to 2400 mm. in height
W up to 1000 mm. in width
Colors; natural, black, white, gray
Special dimensions and RAL colors are available.
Up to 2000 mm. in height Higher than 2000 mm.

Cold / Hot Corridor Applications

For a good energy efficient cold/hot corridor system needs aluminum and  polycarbonate panel frames are installed to labeling plates ont the racks, single wing or double wing sliding doors installed and nozzle entries arranged well.

Non-Standart Cabinets Containment Application

Adjustable to various cabinet heights and widths, dummy elements can be deployed to unused cabinet spaces for partition ensuring flexibility and modularity for future growth as well as for the existing non-standard sized rack cabinets&server hardware.

Specially designed seismic stands are applied below the raised floor together with the dummy aluminium&polycarbonate frames adjustable to different heights to accommodate non-standard rack cabinets in different dimensions.

Special Zoning Solutions

Particular Zoning Solutions;

Particularly designed frames
Vertical Space & Room Zoning
Integrated Cabinet Zoning Partition

Integrated Physcial Security; Sliding and folding doors designed to enable physical security for a certain zone of cabinets

Locking Mechanism

Multiple Locking Mechanisms and Applications for Access Control;
Rotary lock system
Magnetic lock system
Handles with/without ball or magnetic latch
Electronic and/or Biometric Access Control

Containment Door Solutions
General Features
  • 4+4 laminated glass (optional logo application)
  • Tempered glass (optional)
  • Aluminum Frame
  • DormaKaba brand mechanism and chipset
  • 42U, 47U as standard Rack units(please ask for other dimensions)
  • Dedicated Mounting (the doors can be installed directly to the rack cabinets as well as to their independent aluminium frame construction)
  • Customized Solutions available upon request
  • Easy to install
  • Ergonomic design
  • Maximum usable glass area
  • Photocell sensor (for security)
  • DormaKaba brand electromechanic locking mechanism
  • Battery for emergency door access (one time use only)
  • Door Access : push button access from inside; proximity card access from outside
Single Wing Manual Sliding Door

Left or right side sliding options
Single wing glass door, inlaid handle
For >= 1000mm and larger doors door-motion feature
For >= 850mm. and larger doors self-closing feature

Single Wing Automatic Sliding Door

Left or right side sliding options
Single Wing glass door

Double Wing Manual Sliding Doo

Dual wing glass doors, inlaid handle
Synchronised door wings

Double Wing Automatic Sliding Door

Dual Wing glass doors, inlaid handle
Synchronised door wings

KC Hot Corridor (for Plenum) Products

To ensure hot and cold air insulation to increase energy efficiency in suspended ceiling data center environments, an open chimney system to form the “Hot Aisle” made of aluminum frames with polycarbonate material is utilised where the hot air is directed to the plenum area.



Thanks to the specially designed fixing and flexible plastic isolation elements, the hot aisle chimney can easily be levelled and installed on top of the cabinets ensuring a flexible containment and airflow separation.



To reach racks top middle and front sides fron inside of the hot corridor, KabinPLUS KC hot corridor system offers a special item at 30cm. height which opens easily with hand force.

KS Seismic Stand and Plinth Products




Seismic stands have high capability of pyhsical durability to ensure KabinPLUS racks to fix floor strongly. Also provides a indipendent and secure fixing application where raised floor solution installed.



The patented structure can be installed either raised floor installed or not installed yet. The stand gives the ability of adjust rack heights and eliminates uneven surface flaws and creates a unique platform to accomodate any type of enclosures.




The solutution is adoptable to all types of racks and special active equipmet cabinets.

K-BAR Containment Lighting




K-BAR LED lighting is providing light power (LUX) defined by standards.


Operation Temperature: -20˚/+50˚C
Light Source: Chip LED
Light Color: Natural White (3800-4200 K)
Beam Angle: 120˚ without lens
Light Efficacy: 105 lm/W
Operation Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz.
Power Consumption (W): 10W/m