General Data Protection Regulation

In our privacy policy, we explain what information EAE Elektroteknik collects and how we can use or share this information when you visit EAE Elektroteknik services. In this policy, we define only our own practices. Thus, we do our best to protect your data, including from the companies which you are engaged through EAE Elektroteknik services or via these services. However, this policy is not applicable in the case of third parties that we do not own or control except the companies with which we share you information in order to fulfil EAE Elektroteknik services.
EAE Elektroteknik A.Ş with its subsidiaries is a global industrial company whose commercial centre is located in İstanbul with dealers and activities all over the world. You can find out in which regions our dealers are located and their contact details by contacting us.
You can ask us about your suspicions about any part of our privacy policy .
Summary: We collect information in three ways:
• Information you provide
• Information we collect automatically
• Information we collect from third parties
How do we collect the information?
• Cookies and related technologies
• Analytical firms and interest-based advertising
How do we use and share information?
• Usage of information
• Sharing information
• Legal basis
Third-party and website services…
A) Information You Provide
Summary: We collect the information you prefer to provide or in some way give us information. You do not have to share your information when we ask for information. However, if you refuse to provide the requested information, you may not be able to access some of the EAE Electrical services, or you may not be able to fully benefit from their functions.
We collect the information you give to use EAE Elektroteknik services or provide in other ways when you benefit from the services, for example:
• Your e-mail address, date of birth, contact information similar to them;
• Your username, password and other information that helps us to provide you with access to EAE Elektroteknik services and helps this access to be secure;
• Your preferences, interests and general demographic information (the information you share such as your hobbies or other information as you answer a survey);
• Your identification information and phots if you provide us with(fro security reason)

B) Information We Collect Automatically
Summary: We automatically collect some information about how you interact with EAE Elektroteknik services and how you surf at EAE Elektroteknik services, and about the device and software you use to do them so.
The most common examples of automatically collected information are:
• How you use he EAE Elektroteknik services ( eg clicks, scrolling, scanning times, searches, routing/ log out pages and in-service activities and interactions);
• Your computer or device (IP addresses, unique device IDs, process capacities, manufacturer and model, language and other regional settings, geographic location, and screen resolution and similar settings);
• Your connection to EAE Elektroteknik services; the network and software information you use (browser type and version, name and version of operating system, internet service provider, and your preferred settings, if any);
• How EAE Elektroteknik services’ performance is; problems you may encounter (such as download errors and problems experienced with our applications)
We use technologies such as cookies and our own servers, including log files to help us collect and store these information.
C) Information We Collect from Third Parties
Summary: Sometimes, we may collect information from third parties to use them with the information we collect. For example, if you link your Facebook account with your EAE Elektroteknik services account, Facebook may share information with us based on its own privacy policy and the privacy settings you choose on Facebook.
We may collect information from third parties to support the information you provide and the information we collect automatically. For example:
• We collect advertising and analytical information from third parties to help our marketing activities, improve our EAE Elektroteknik services, and manage our advertising campaigns better (for example, show more personalized advertising and measure their scope of effectiveness). To learn more about these companies, you need to look at the websites of these companies. Our favorite services:
o Google and auxiliary services
o Yandex and auxiliary services
o Facebook and auxiliary services
o Twitter and auxiliary services
o Platforms where you see our ads (portals)
o and auxiliary services
o Smartlook
o Etc.
• We collect information from third parties to help us determine where you use EAE Elektroteknik services (for example, we locate your approximate place based on your IP address). By this means, for instance, we can personalize one of our service you use special for you (such as determining the language of EAE Elektroteknik services) It can prevent fraud or abuse related to EAE Elektroteknik services (such as detecting suspicious transactions or activities).
• If you download EAE Elektroteknik services (such as EAE Elektroteknik mobile application) to your mobile device, we also get information from third-party platforms (such as İTunes or Google Play). This information may include technical details (such as device ID) and information that you have downloaded one of our applications.
Summary: In addition to the information you provide , we automatically record some information about how you use EAE Elektroteknik services together with our partners and how you are surfing in EAE Elektroteknik services. We can combine this information with the information we collect from you or collect about you and also use it for analytical and advertising purposes.
A) Cookies and Related Technologies
Summary: In order to automatically collect and store information about how you interact with EAE Elektroteknik services and the devices you use in the process of interacting with these services, we benefit from our servers and technologies such as cookies.
Cookies are small pieces of data which are established by online services you use in your device for the purpose of recording and authentication. Web beacons are transparent pixel images that allow online services to collect information about the way you interact with them (such as whether you open an e-mail or click on an ad or not) Other common tracking technologies like these include marks, writing scripts, local shared objects (such as Flash cookies), local storage (eg HTML5) and similar tools.
EAE Elektroteknik services use cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies to automatically collect, store and read files on your device. These tools can be delivered in the context of the first person (i.e. EAE Elektroteknik) or third party (i.e. other companies). These tools enable EAE Elektroteknik services to work and process more efficiently as well as help us to collect about how you interact with us.
We use our servers in connection with these technologies to collect information on how you interact with EAE Elektroteknik services and to store them in log files. Information, which your device, browser or operating system deliver us when you access EAE Elektroteknik services (e.g. Device ID, IP addresses and hardware or software features), and information about your usage of your account, if you have one, in EAE Elektroteknik services (for example features you use, your interactions and statistics within the service and other similar information) can be given as an examples of these information.
We use the information, which we collect through technologies such as cookies, for various purposes. We can list these purposes as follows:
• Monitoring, securing and maintaining (e.g. avoiding fraud); EAE Elektroteknik services;
• Improve your browsing experience (for example, facilitating access to our services);
• Analysing and improving our activities (e.g. bringing traffic and usage patterns together);
• Checking the display of ads (including providing you with target-observed offers);
• Supporting and measuring the effectiveness of our communications and marketing campaigns( for example to let us know if you have clicked on our ads or opened our e-mails)
• Personalize your visit better and keep your preferences and settings (for example, showing content in your local language); and can obtain more information about cookies and similar technologies and learn how to manage or deactivate cookies by visiting or looking the privacy features of your browser. Some traditional methods of managing cookies may not affect the usage of other tracking technologies, but some browsers may offer their own tools to remove HTML5s.
Please note that disabling tracking technologies may prevent you from taking full advantage of EAE Elektroteknik services and cause EAE Elektroteknik services not to function as we wish.
B) Analytical Firms and Interest-Based Advertisements
Summary: We associate with also third parties, such as content providers, analytics firms and advertising networks, to help us improve EAE Elektroteknik services and understand better how you interact with these services and to support our marketing activities. These companies may collect automated information from you in connection with your visit.
In addition to tracking technologies we established, other companies can also install their own cookies or similar tools when you vist EAE Elektroteknik services. This includes vendors that we hired to render service on behalf of us (for example website analytics service), third parties providing content (such as videos YouTube) or third parties submitting offers (such as advertisings coming from ads network) in EAE Elektroteknik services. We may take a report on this matter depending on whether our partners use these tools individually or collectively.
For example, we use third party analytics suppliers, such as Google Analytics, to assist in evaluating and reporting on the usage of EAE Elektroteknik services. Also, we partner with advertising companies to support our marketing activities and offer ads that are more relevant to your potential interests (for example, ads based on browsings when you use EAE Elektroteknik services and visit other online service). These companies can install and read their own cookies and similar technologies to collect information about your online activities on websites and services.
Some analytical suppliers and advertising companies provide you with options on methods of how to collect and use information directly from their website. To learn more about Google Analytics, click here.
If you are in the EU (we consider EU criteria on information security and privacy)You can also opt out of interest-based ads by visiting
It is important to note that opting out of interest-based ads does not mean that collection of automated information in EAE Elektroteknik services will be completely blocked, that you will receive fewer ads, or no more ads will be shown. Only ads that see will no longer be ads based on your interests, so they may less attract your attention and interest.

Summary: We use and share your information;
• Give service according to the Terms of Service;
• With your consent;
• For you and our legitimate interests (e.g. to provide a Regulated service for safety and security purposes and as needed);
• Complying with legal requirements related to legal reasons.
A) Using Information
Summary: We use the information we collect (alone and in combination with the information collected under this policy) to execute our activities, to present and improve our products and services, to communicate with you and to make effective advertising. The way we use your information will usually depend on how you choose to use EAE Elektroteknik services.
Here are the most common examples of how we use information :
• Responding to questions, fulfilling requests and carrying out operations (such as specifying how you contact with our customer representatives, helping you how to reach our dealers);
• Communicating with you and personalizing it (e.g. sending you important announcements about EAE Elektroteknik services or sending communications, which are aimed at campaigns, that we think will be catch your attention).
• Manage surveys, contests, sweepstakes and similar offers (for example, to confirm that you are eligible to participate in such a thing, or to send you a reward if you win );
• Monitor, analyse, protect, test and improve our services and activities (such as measuring the performance of your EAE Elektroteknik services, following usage patterns and correcting faults or errors);
• Investigate and better understand the use of EAE Elektroteknik services and how using them (including cooperation with third parties, such as universities);
• Introducing products and services and measuring the effectiveness of these campaigns;
• Personalize your experience in EAE Elektroteknik services. It includes offering content and features that are more related to your interests;
• Improving EAE Elektroteknik services and providing updates regarding these services (such as patching our applications and introducing new features);
• To carry out and expand our activities, and
• Facilitate for you to use EAE Elektroteknik services with social sharing and their functions (for example, to ensure that our content is shared in other areas), or to facilitate the integration of services with them.
• To comply with applicable laws or to respond to legal requests (for example respond to the requests of law enforcement agencies or other public authorities or by the official authorities);
• Securely performing EAE Elektroteknik services (e.g. stopping attacks against our systems);
• Protecting our visitors, customers, and third parties (such as helping to prevent a serious victimization arisen or crime committed), and
• Protecting our rights, goods and activities (such as resorting to legal remedies or limiting the damages that we may incur)
B) Sharing of Information
Summary: Except as provided in this policy (except including but not limited to: being necessary for the continuation of EAE Elektroteknik services, to ensure the safety of EAE Elektroteknik services or to do what is required by the law, and to fulfil the legal requests), we do not share the information related to your identification(such as your e-mail address or home address) with independent third parties.
In the event we stop providing EAE Elektroteknik services one day (for example, if another company buys us or partnerships / partnership are formed), we may also share your information with the buyer.
We share the information, which we collect to help that EAE Elektroteknik services are operated, supported and improved without any problem (for example to facilitate access to your account and to provide service support service support in your local language), with our subsidiaries and affiliates under the control of EAE Elektroteknik with security measures. Because we are a global company, this may mean that your information can be transferred or stored in locations outside your country of residence. You can contact us for more information about our regional dealers or regional offices in charge of providing EAE Elektroteknik services in your area.
We also share information with service providers operating on our behalf for the purposes explained in this policy. For instance, we can show partners, which help us store data, send e-mail messages of marketing-themed, and provide services related to our products, as an example of these entities.
In case of organization change, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer transactions or any other transaction concerning disposal of a large part of our assets(including bankruptcy or any similar transaction), we may disclose the information contained in our services. Your information may be included in the assets which are transferred to the buyer in such a case.
Information may also be used, disclosed or stored for the following purposes:
• To comply with applicable laws or to respond to legal requests (for example respond to the requests of law enforcement agencies or other public authorities or by the official authorities);
• Securely performing EAE Elektroteknik services (e.g. stopping attacks against our systems);
• Protecting our visitors, customers, and third parties (such as helping to prevent a serious victimization arisen or crime committed), and
• Protecting our rights, goods and activities (such as resorting to legal remedies or limiting the damages that we may incur)
C) Legal Basis
Summary: We use and share your information with your consent and for your and our legitimate interests ( for example for the purpose of safety and security reason and to give service that is arranged according to needs) and in complying with legal requirements related to other legal reasons.

We have a variety of legal basis to collect, use, securely share and otherwise process the information about you for the purposes described in this Policy. These legal bases can be listed as follows:
• When required to implement the Terms of Use and provide EAE Elektroteknik services;
• When you consent to the processing of your information (you may withdraw this consent at any time);
• To ensure that EAE Elektroteknik complies with a statutory obligation and a court order or asserts a legal claim or defence against such a legal claim
• From time to time to protect the vital interests of you or others
• When it is necessary for the interest of the public or
• For the legitimate interests of third parties such as EAE Elektroteknik or a visitor, user or partner
we may collect, use, securely share or otherwise process the information.
Summary: We work with third parties to further improve your experience. However, our policy is not applicable for the organizations that we do not own, are not in our control, or are unable to operate on our behalf. We cannot guarantee that independent third parties will apply the same practices. Thus, before sharing information with third parties, please read their policies and terms.
You can share information in various ways with third-party websites or services in connection with your visit:
• External LinksWhen you click on links for third-party operated external websites or services, they may collect, use and share your information according to their policies, not our policy. The fact that we provide a link from third party services or to third party services does not mean that we give confirmation to the practices of these third parties.

Account Integrations EAE Elektroteknik services use interfaces that allow you to interact with third party websites and applications or similar third party services during your visit. This includes your interaction from your EAE Elektroteknik account or any account you have created in the presence of such third parties, or through such account. For example, we are working with social media companies to provide features that facilitate social sharing and connections (such as Facebook “like” button or other widget tools). These features can collect information about your interaction with third parties and EAE Elektroteknik services, and use tracking technologies such as cookies to work properly. Processing your information by third parties such as Facebook is subject to their own privacy policy.
• Cookies and Related Technologies EAE Elektroteknik services include cookies, web beacons, and other common technologies that help us collect and analyse information related to your visit. Third parties (such as analytics firms or advertising networks) may install their own tracking technologies to EAE Elektroteknik services and read them. If they do so, the responsibility for using these tools will be borne by them as described in their ow privacy policy.
If you have any questions or complaints about third-party applications, please note that you should contact third parties directly, not EAE Elektroteknik.
Summary: Our Services do not respond to the Do Not Track Signals, DNT.
Some new browsers have “Do Not Track” features. These features, when activated, often send a signal to the services you are visiting, indicating that you do not want to be tracked in one way or another. Although you specify your preference, these services (or content placed on them by third parties) may continue to perform activities that you may perceive as tracking, depending on the privacy applications of the service in question.
Since no consensus has yet been reached on how to interpret the DNT signal, EAE Elektroteknik still does not respond to browser DNT signals in EAE Elektroteknik services.
Summary: we are committed to keeping our customers’ information safe, but we cannot guarantee the complete security of the information we collect from you. By accepting to share your information with us (or any other person who is online nowadays), you also aceept this risk.
We implement appropriate physical, technical and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized access to and usage and disclosure of your information during both transfer and storage. For example, we store information in our controlled servers on computer systems where access is restricted. We also use technologies such as encryption and hashing to protect some of the information we collect. We have strict controls in the background to prevent undesired access to your account, if you have one, that you have created for your EAE Elektroteknik services, and we get the necessary support from the IT experts.
However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that no server, communication network or data transmission on the internet is 100% secure. EAE Elektroteknik services are not constituted an exception in this regard. Although we do our best to the extent that the laws expect from us, we cannot guarantee the complete security of the information transmitted through EAE Elektroteknik services and we cannot provide complete assurance that the information will not be lost or misused.
It is up to you whether you want to share information with us or not. If you decide to share, you agree to reach this decision by taking the said risk.
Disposal of personal data can be provided in three different ways: data deletion, destruction or anonymization. The purpose of disposal is that it is not possible to reach the real person with the remaining data. EAE Elektroteknik takes all necessary technical and administrative measures related to the legal deletion, destruction and anonymity of personal data.
1. Deletion of Personal Data
Deletion of personal data processed in whole or in part with automatic means is the process of making the personal data in question inaccessible in any way and unavilable by the users concerned.
The data controller explains how the conditions specified in the third paragraph have been satisfied in order for the personal data is deemed to have been deleted in the relevant policies and procedures. Deleting personal data that is part of any data recording system and processed by non-automatic means;
a) The process of anonymizing personal data that is not necessary in paper and is transferred to the electronic environment via scanning or without digitizing shall be made in the cases where EAE Elektroteknik has processed the data in its entirety or automatic means, and EAE Elektroteknik should make the personal data inaccessible or unavailable in any way when it deletes personal data. EAE Elektroteknik must guarantee that the data is not accessible or available by any user when performing this procedure. This guarantee is under the responsibility of the data controller.
If the personal data, which should not be deleted, is affected or become inaccessible and/or unavailable during deletion, then the combination of the following methods that EAE Elektroteknik may implement by taking a decision shall be considered as deletion:
b) Archiving personal data in a way that it cannot be associated with the person concerned
c) Being the personal data closed to all kinds of access
d) To take all necessary technical and administrative measures in a way that personal data can only be accessed by authorized persons only when necessary.
Described counting deletion methods are depend on the Regulation and responsibility of update of these data in the concerned case shall be borne by data controller.
2. Destruction of Personal Data
Destruction process shall be made when EAE Elektroteknik process the data in physical recording environments and EAE Elektroteknik is obliged to make this data impossible to be retrieved. During this process, EAE Elektroteknik employees and related departments are obliged to inform relevant EAE Elektroteknik unit of relevant data to be destroyed, then EAE Elektroteknik will take all necessary technical and administrative measures.
3. Anonymization of Personal Data
Anonymization is, in the cases EAE Elektroteknik process the personal data in whole or automatic ways, making these data unidentifiable or unassociated with a real person, which is concerned or may be identified, even this data is matched with other data.
Anonymization of personal data is the task of data owner business unit in EAE Elektroteknik. The data owner business unit can obtain support from the different departments of EAE Elektroteknik to destroy the data, provided that the audit is performed by itself.
EAE Elektroteknik can use methods such as one-way functions and encryption during the anonymization of data. In case the accuracy of the method to be applied cannot be determined, the relevant units of EAE Elektroteknik should be consulted.
EAE Elektroteknik has established the following structure to manage the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy:
• Preparation, audit and modification of Personal Data Protection and Processing Policies where necessary.
• To ensure that the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policies are implemented in a strong and coordinated manner and that relevant units and concerned persons fulfil the necessary responsibilities.
• By monitoring the processes and procedures in order to comply with the relevant legislation, to decide about requirements and inform EAE Elektroteknik management of these requirements.
• To raise awareness about the Protection of Personal Data and Processing Policies within EAE Elektroteknik and in the presence of third parties.
• Identifying risks related to Personal Data Protection and Processing policies and procedures and taking necessary protection measures.
• Design and implementation of Personal Data Protection and Processing trainings.
• To direct all information requests from data owners at the highest possible level.
• To ensure that data owners are informed of their rights.
• To follow the developments in Data Protection legislation and to prepare the measures necessary to be implemented for management.
• To coordinate relations with Personal Data Protection Board.
• To perform other related tasks requested by management.
Summary: We will make changes in this policy in time to better inform you on how we use the information of visitor or customer.
We will update our privacy policy from time to time to reflect changes in technology, laws or our commercial activities, or any other justification we deem necessary or appropriate. When we make such changes, we will change the ”Last Change Date” written at the top of the policy and publish it in EAE Elektroteknik services. In the event that we make significant changes in the policy or the way we process personal information, we will also notify you. (for example, before a change become effective, we will noticeably publish this change in EAE Elektroteknik services or send a notification directly to you).
We recommend examining our privacy policy periodically to see if there has been a change since your last visit. This will help you to better understand your relationship with EAE Elektroteknik, including how we process your information.
To contact our relevant support team regarding EAE Elektroteknik or services or your requests or concerns related to similar to such matters (for example, if any, having problems accessing to your account, external views or content availability, reporting issues or similar technical issues, deleting an account etc.) please click here to get our contact info.
You can direct your questions about this policy or our privacy practices and your application rights under the Law and related legislation to . EAE Elektroteknik company which is stated as responsible for Turkey region and whose information is specified at this link is EAE Elektroteknik A.Ş.