New Electrical Enclosure Serie E-Kabin L

New Electrical Enclosure Serie E-Kabin L, designed for Industrial Applications.

Highligted Features;

* Reliable locking system

*Easy electrical assembly, common accessories

*Polyurethane sealing gasket

*IP40 Modular bottom plate

*Ventilation module on top

*Front cover plates with hinges

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First TIER-Ready Award in Turkey!

The EAE TIER-Ready Award is the proof for the #EAE EDGE Solutions confirming to TIER-Ready design review ensuring the customers to maintain the operability and sustainability of their edge data centers.

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For detailed information about Tier Ready, you can check Uptime Institute web site.

We sustain PanelMaster quality with continuous R&D tests.

The cables are affected by the magnetic field strength in the event of a short circuit, just like the busbars, and try to get rid of the place with the effect of a whip. For this reason, they must be supported at the right distances, just like the busbars.
You can watch the video of the R&D tests conducted to determine the short circuit strengths and support distances of the cable ties to be used in PanelMaster panel systems by clicking here..